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Quick Features Summary

Taxi Booking and Dispatch

Cab Treasure is a comprehensive and a complete Taxi Booking and Dispatch management system. It is fast, efficient and effective.

Treasure Cab Booking and Dispatch System is an innovative and state of the art system built by Eurosoft Tech Ltd using cutting edge technology. Cab Treasure is the only system of its kind with the unique set of features it offers. This system is suitable for any taxi or private hire company, regardless of size, number of drivers, location or financial status.

It helps you to effortlessly manage jobs, track your driver's routes and activities, and maintain an easy line of communication between drivers and your control staff

Cab Treasure
Cab Treasure

Book a Job Instantly

Booking a job is simple, fast and effective. Once you enter the first three digits of any post-code a list will appear with options to choose from. You can also set-up different short-cut keys and functions in a way that suit you to speed up the booking process even more.

Search for and Alter any Booking with Ease

You can search for and alter an existing booking in seconds. Changes can be applied to any booking including deleted jobs, recent jobs, pre-bookings etc.

Bookings can be organised and viewed by criteria such as; Destination, Date of Journey, Time, Customer Name, etc. Short-cut keys can also be used to access this information, and the rest of your system.

Cab Treasure
Cab Treasure

Multiple Drops-off and Picks-up

Cab Treasure can easily facilitate multiple bookings or bookings with multiple pick-up and drop-off locations. The option to add additional locations is included on the booking screen which makes it easy for your controllers to meet your customer’s needs.

Client Accounts

There are two types of accounts; Cash and Corporate accounts. You can add details of multiple clients under one corporate account or create single client cash accounts. You can set up accounts for regular or loyal customers and clients and even set alternate prices for each client or account. This is easily done by accessing the details of each account and either entering set prices for each journey or a discounted rate per mile travelled – all you need to is enter the necessary details and next time a customer with an account books Cab Treasure automatically applies this information whilst calculating the journey fare.

Cab Treasure
Cab Treasure

Reporting, Invoicing and Driver Statements

Cab Treasure has several ways of reporting, invoicing and creating driver statements. All the information is securely recorded as you use the system and is available whenever you want to review it.

Cab Treasure can produce a comprehensive number of reports including: Income reports, Call Volume reports, Driver Activity reports and many others.

Invoices can be generated for suppliers, drivers, account clients etc, these will automatically be created as PDF documents and can be emailed directly from the System.

Driver Statements will contain an inventory of jobs a driver has completed over the specified time period as well as a breakdown of how charges are calculated, together with any balance brought forward from the preceding Statement. The last line shows how much the driver is owed - or owes you.


Our system enables you to plot preferred routes, alter existing routes and allocate jobs by the location of your drivers. You can create fare zones of whichever size you wish, limit drivers to certain zones and expand or downsize zones at any time according to your preference.

Cab Treasure
Cab Treasure

Graphical Representation

Cab treasure can convert the reporting information available into easy to read and understand graphs. These can be used as a tool to compare past and previous performance and can help to make future predictions about your company. Graphs can illustrate changes clearly compared to figures and by displaying data as graphs you can use these as a tool to motivate staff.

Call History Report

Our system can show you a record off all calls made and received instantly. If you integrate a caller ID system you will also be able to recognise previous customers when they call and this will show up in the Call History log by name and can be organised by frequency of calls. You can also search your call log for specific numbers or by criteria such as Customer Name, Phone Number, etc.

Cab Treasure