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Cab Treasure

Cab Treasure Booking & Dispatch System

  • Desktop, Cloud, and Hybrid
  • Anytime and Anywhere solution
  • Compatible with iOS and android platform with integrated navigation
  • Supports most of the Phone Systems variants - Analog/Digital/VoIP, etc
  • PDA / In-Car devices available
  • In-car card payment option provided in the driver app
  • Features like IVR, Call Recording, Ring Back, and Text Back is installed.
  • Unique techniques like auto dispatch, bidding using new artificial intelligence is available.
  • Inbuilt flight tracker
  • Highly customizable based on your any unique need.
  • Advance invoicing and reporting modules

Why Cab Treasure ?

  • Cloud-based System but available in Desktop ,and Hybrid versions also.
  • Fully automated and comprehensive solution for your booking and dispatch requirement.
  • We offer 24/7 technical support and free training.
  • Our Driver App is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.
  • We offer multilanguage and multicurrency support for your global presence.
  • We offer unlimited user accounts and free regular updates.
  • We provide customised and scalable solution.
  • We system provides seamless API integration with most of the third-party features and functions
  • You don’t have to pay any licence fee and can download Driver app as many times as you need.
Cab Treasure
Cab Treasure

Cab Treasure Cloud System

Gone are the days where you need to download, install, configure, update and run applications or programs on your computer. Our cloud booking system will only require an internet connection and browser. It is easy to use, increases efficiency, offers flexibility, and saves your pocket from unnecessary hardware and helps you to focus on what matters most, like growing your business.

  • Instantly book & dispatch from anywhere
  • Available on ios and android operating systems.
  • Available on Windows and macOS computers
  • No installation needed
  • Manage bookings, customers, accounts & statements
  • Disaster resistant with 24/7 backup service

Treasure Desktop System

  • Fully Automated and Configurable Dispatch
  • Bidding offers
  • Live Map and Tracking
  • Multicompany Support
  • Caller ID
  • Booking Due Alert
  • Flight Tracking
  • Remote Terminal
  • Driver and Operator Performance Report
  • Email and Export Data in Serveral Formarts
  • Advanced SMS service
  • Fulfilled PCO Requirements
  • Job Audit Report
  • Fleet Management
  • Driver Stats
  • Call Management
  • Textback and Ringback
  • Account and Driver invoicing
  • Corporate Account Management
  • Payment Intergration
  • Web Booking Intergration
  • Booking Provider Intergration (comcab, kabbe etc)
  • Agent and Booking Provider Management
  • Plots Management
  • 24/7 Technical Support
Cab Treasure
Cab Treasure

Hybrid Technology

Our industry leading technology combines the robustness and reliability of a desktop solution with the flexibility of the cloud giving you the complete freedom to dispatch jobs from anywhere at tip of your fingers.

  • Hybrid - Cloud and Desktop Combined
  • Desktop & Cloud fusion technology
  • Book & dispatch from anywhere
  • Available in your home/office & in the Cloud
  • iPhone & Android PDA apps
  • Live Google tracking
  • Advanced & flexible pricing system

Driver App

Cab Treasure

Customer App

Website Booker

Designed by our industry leading usability designers, our website booker is the most easy to use online. Our 3-click booker will create an instant booking that can be integrated into your dispatch system giving you one platform to manage everything.

  • White Label Solution – Branded with your logo, Colour and your preferred theme
  • Booking engine with UK full address data
  • Mobile optimized and fully responsive
  • All leading payment merchant supported
  • Member / Corporate customer login
  • Hotel / Agent login
  • Customer offers/ Discount option
  • SEO oriented
  • Admin panel to customise and change content
  • Multilanguage and live chat option provided.
Cab Treasure

Cab Treasure Phone System

Treasure VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol

  • Cutting edge call centre solution
  • Free unlimited lines.
  • Reduce your bills by 90%
  • IVR, Call recording
  • Flexible greeting, Music on hold
  • Operate from anywhere
  • Driver --> Customer call option
  • Call statistics wallboard with advance features
  • Agent and call monitoring reports

IVR - Interactive Voice Response for Automated Booking

  • Book a car in few seconds without having to speak to an operator.
  • Avoid missing the bookings in busy times
  • Automated booking solution without controllers presence
  • Enable IVR On demand solution
Cab Treasure

Call statistics wallboard

  • Real time call and agent (controller ) monitoring
  • Monitor inbound and outbound call
  • Real-time call and agent (controller) monitoring
  • Display waiting and connected calls
  • Display total calls, answered / unanswered calls
  • Number of agents logged in / busy / idle
  • Display level of service
  • Display average talk time



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